Why Is My French Bulldog Acting Weird? Here Is Why!

Why Is My French Bulldog Acting Weird

Frenchies are super weirdos and your life with a Frenchie is filled with excitement for sure. They have their weird ways of doing things. Have you ever thought about why your Frenchie is so weird? 

French bulldogs are acting weird when they get zoomies and when laziness hits them. Apart from that when they want more attention and when not getting enough energy releasing activity they start acting weird. Other general factors such as an illness, a physical injury, boredom, changes in the environment, and anxiety can lead a Frenchie to be weird.

Let’s get to know more about them being such weirdos. 

Why Is Your French Bulldog Acting Weird?

This is one of the repetitive questions that comes to the minds of French bulldog owners and trust me I am also attacked with the same issue. 

As you know, French bulldogs are born with comparatively large energy capacities. They are highly active and strong at the same time. My 2 years old Frenchie is no different. 

All of a sudden he starts running from one end of the house to the other like a crazy cracker and sometimes he is bored like he can’t stand again in life forever. I know how confusing your Frenchie is. 

Let’s dig into some reasons as I have discovered for a Frenchie to act super weird. 

1 . Boredom

When your Frenchie is bored and not showing interest in doing anything at all, he tends to act a bit weird while chewing and whining excessively. This can be seen more when you return home from work as he is alone for the whole day. 

My Frenchie is super excited and as well as starts acting weird when I’m home though he is given toys and taken for walks. 

2 . Zoomies

Zoomies are one of the funniest and the weirdest behaviors common with all French bulldogs. For sure, you have experienced this craziness of your Frenchie and things will blow out if you are a first-time Frenchie owner. 

Do not panic as this is very normal with them even though the reasons are not scientifically discussed. Usually, my Frenchie is having zoomies whenever he has a clean bath from head to toe and before bedtime. 

Zoomies are happening to French bulldogs as a result of pent-up energy which needs to be released and also during the times they are super excited. Those are random bursts of energy and last for only a few minutes. 

So, when a Frenchie is blasted with zoomies, they start acting weirdos. Trust me, they play the part very well. 

3 . Injury

A physical or a mental injury can make your Frenchie go crazy within a second. If he is hurt and that might be the way he is trying to inform you. 

Once my buddy got injured his anal sac and I was confused when he is dragging his butt on the floor. Can you imagine how weird is it? Then only I got to know that there was something wrong with him and took him to the vet. 

When they try to heal the injured place, it can be seen as an act of weirdness for us. But, be attentive as he displays some notable signs of his condition. 

4 . Anxiety

Many French bulldog owners and almost all the other dog owners are suffering from anxious conditions and reportedly it can be seen among the dogs as well. 

Since Frenchies are a human-oriented breed and more into play sessions and some other energy-releasing activities, they need to spend more time with their owners. 

When that chance is missing, Frenchies tend to undergo various anxious conditions. As a result, they exhibit some weird behaviors such as hiding away from you, biting their paws, and trying to be alone. 

5 . New Environment

 If you have new neighbors or a working crew at your next door, your Frenchie is the first to get excited. Since they are more sensitive to surrounding noises, there is a tendency to act weird toward things that are far away from your hearing capacities.

Sometimes, he is reacting to some human voices that you cannot hear and his behavior can be seen as super weird. 

How To Know When Your French Bulldog Is Acting Weird?

By now I am pretty sure that you are familiar with your Frenchie’s weirdness which could be a result of any of the above reasons. So, you have to identify what they do when they are acting weird. 

Usually, Frenchies tend to show their weirdness through many signs and methods which are funny and confusing at the same time. Some of them are as follows and these are the signs that can be seen most commonly.

  •   Running all over the house
  •   Screaming
  •   Whining 
  •   Excessive barking
  •   Licking paws
  •   Crying while making weird sounds
  •   Rubbing the butt on the floor
  •   Stop eating
  •   Hide
  •   Biting their paws

Be on alert when they start acting weird no matter how their behavior makes you laugh. Because, even though it seems funny, your Frenchie might suffering from an illness, an injury, or sometimes it is the way he expresses his pain that brings them unbearable discomfort. 

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What Can You Do When Your French Bulldog Is Acting Weird?

I have shared with you most of the weird ways of French bulldogs and what are the reasons for them to be such weirdos. But, further, you should know what to do when your Frenchie starts acting weird and whether it is normal or something to be worried about. 

I am so delicate and more than careful when reacting to some weird behaviors of my Frenchie as he gets upset at me for laughing at his discomfort. 

What are you supposed to do when your Frenchie starts acting weird? Well, I’ll share what I do on such occasions. 

1 . Identify The Reason

First and foremost, try to understand the reason for his weirdness. Why is he acting like a crazy nut? 

It might be one of the above-discussed reasons and observe your Frenchie closely without trying to stop him. 

2 . Remove The Cause

Then, after identifying the reason, and if it is not beyond your control try to take action to remove it or mitigate it. To do that, understanding the reason correctly is crucial. 

When my Frenchie started to behave in some weird way by biting his paws, I tried replacing it with a bull stick and it worked. He has been not receiving enough chewing during the time his teeth started to pop up. 

Therefore, try to replace or remove the cause once you identify it. 

3 . Consult The Vet

If your Frenchie’s weirdness is beyond your control and you cannot identify the exact reason, it is better to consult the vet. 

Sometimes, his weird behavior might be symptoms of an underlying disease. So, be careful and take your Frenchie to the vet if you feel something is wrong. 

4 . Let Them Be!

You do not need to worry if your Frenchie goes mad and weird just for fun. But you have to confirm his behavior if there are any risks.

Frenchies are drama queens and they prefer to engage in some cunning behaviors as they think those are super cute actions. 

On such occasions let them rock with the weirdness. 

Final Thoughts

Even though your Frenchie seems so adorable and funny when start acting weird, you have to be on alert as those signs can be symptoms of some critical issues.

Be careful and stay on alert. A happy Frenchie, a happy you!

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